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Drive the discussion forward with BMJ Collections

BMJ Collections brings together articles that draw attention to key priorities, neglected issues or needed debates within global medicine and health.

They are often developed in collaboration with international organisations that share our passion for improving global health by influencing policy and decision-making. They include academic, bilateral, multilateral, and non-governmental organisations.

These programmes align with our vision to create a healthier world.

“BMJ [Group] has very good people on the ground. They made it happen, and it worked.”

Dr Luis Gabriel Cuervo
Senior Advisor for a leading international organisation specialising in health, on why he chose BMJ Group to publish the BMJ Innovations Social Innovations in Health special supplement.

“We found in BMJ Group a voice to report on what was happening to us during the pandemic to the international world.”

Dr Magaly Blas, Medical epidemiologist, professor and researcher at Cayetano Heredia Peruvian University, and Director, Mamás del Río (Mothers of the River), Peru

We bring together leaders across multiple sectors and geographies in BMJ-convened and organised roundtables, events or webinars

There are so many ways BMJ Group can help you discuss and debate healthcare challenges.

Fund learning modules and content to educate a global network of healthcare professionals.

Collaborate with us to create events focused on priority healthcare themes and challenges and share thought leadership.

Bring experts together for roundtable discussions including editors, healthcare leaders and experts who can make a real contribution while also informing marketing campaigns

Include patients and people with lived experience in the dialogue

Find a home for your research within our impactful specialty journal portfolio

Generate interest and leads and connect with key policy influencers and senior decision-makers

How our partnerships work

Whether amplifying research, informing policy or helping populations in need, we collaborate with many international organisations to deliver results.

Helping to influence health policy in Peru

Helping to influence health policy in Peru

BMJ Group published a special collection on social innovations in 2022. It showcased the Mamás del Río programme that helps community workers adapt to a new post-pandemic clinical setting.

The Peruvian Health Minister considered the evidence provided in the paper. The idea was to inform a policy change that would formalise the programme throughout the region as part of the country’s national health system.

Delivering large-scale programmes

BMJ Group orchestrated a symposium series for Johnson & Johnson, China. It brought together hospital chief executives and presidents worldwide to discuss leadership, and how to maintain quality and safety in their hospitals. The programme attracted 16,000 delegates across the Chinese, English, and Spanish-speaking webinar channels.

Using our privileged networks and global footprint we brought together the most innovative and influential hospital leaders today. They included Tomislav Mihaljevic, President and CEO of the Cleveland Clinic, USA and Steve Swensen, Professor, Mayo Clinic, USA.

Mobilising institutional health partnerships

On behalf of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), BMJ Group facilitated an interactive workshop for eight countries. We brought together top health officials and experts from the UK, and most other partner countries, to share best practices, facilitate learning, and create a stronger network across the Better Health programme.

Together they addressed the often overlooked and growing burden of non-communicable diseases. In particular, how could we strengthen local health system structures, processes, governance, regulation, and capabilities to drive improvements in quality of care.

Creating dialogues that shape frameworks and inform policies

In 2022, BMJ Group played a pivotal role in supporting the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Academy of Medicine (NAM). We put together a team of 15 global health experts to review the principles outlined in a NAM publication. Together, we then called for social media companies to adopt global principles for credible health information.

As well as gaining significant media attention across Latin America, the call led to action from digital media platforms. A notable example was YouTube, which strengthened its policy on safe abortions.

Continuing professional development systems

BMJ Group has considerable expertise in health system strengthening, continuing medical education (CME) and continuing professional development (CPD). This enables us to support governments in developing robust systems that support the ongoing medical education of frontline professionals.

The availability of our resources in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine ignited a demand for evidence-based medical information and highlighted the importance of formalised systems of professional development. We provided each government with advice, resources, and examples of international best practices to guide their decision-making.

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