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Everything we do at BMJ Group is underpinned by our dedication to creating better evidence, better decisions, and better systems.

Our story

Providing research, knowledge, and education to health professionals since 1840

Since 1840, BMJ Group has been at the forefront of providing research, knowledge, and education to health professionals worldwide, envisioning a healthier world for all. With a global reach spanning five offices across the UK, the Americas, India, and China, our commitment to excellence resonates through our publishing expertise, digital health tools, and learning resources. Over 11 million users frequent our websites monthly, finding valuable insights from the over 60% of top-ranked medical research journals we publish.

Evolved from the Provincial Medical and Surgical Journal to the esteemed general medical journal, The BMJ, our journey embodies continuous evolution and innovation. As pioneers of online medical publishing since 1995, we strive to uphold the highest editorial standards while embracing technological advancements. Our focus extends beyond publication metrics; we actively support authors from low and lower-middle-income countries, champion equity, diversity, and inclusion, and safeguard the integrity of scientific research globally. With BMJ New Ventures, our startup investment initiative, we work with partners aligned with our vision and values, fostering innovation and driving positive change in healthcare and beyond. 

From publishing research to investigating and responding to allegations of misconduct, we always treat researchers and institutions fairly and courteously so that they have a safe platform to share their research or raise concerns. We do this collectively by working in partnership with editors and publishing staff on all issues related to research integrity, at every stage of the publication process.

Today, a big focus for us is to help authors from low and lower-middle-income countries (LMICs) get published in their journal of choice. In 2022, 55.9% of all LMIC-originated research was published open access, up from 36.4% in 2021. We also align our editorial voice with our internal operational practices by setting the standard in the way we can all play a key role in making change in the areas of improving patient care, protecting the planet, and supporting social mobility.

Creating a healthier world

Everything we do at BMJ Group is underpinned by our dedication to creating better evidence, better decisions, and better systems that contribute to a healthier world for all.

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Our values

Our values give us the focus and direction to bring about our vision for a healthier world by sharing knowledge and expertise to help health professionals improve healthcare outcomes.

Making patient and public partnerships an ethical imperative

The BMJ is the first ever medical journal to receive the ‘Patients Included’ award for its strategy to encourage doctors and patients to work together as partners to improve healthcare. This important initiative has rippled across the business, with 75% of BMJ Events advisory committees including at least one patient, and 90% of all BMJ Best Practice leaflets have been reviewed by a patient panel.

Holding politicians accountable

In 2022, The BMJ’s UK Covid Inquiry Series highlighted how the political response to the covid-19 pandemic often failed to properly consider science. The articles raised important questions about the transparency and accountability of political decision making during the pandemic. They question the government’s resistance to scrutiny, lack of transparency, and failure to correct mistakes as knowledge and experience accumulated.

Corporate responsibility and sustainability

At the heart of our operations lies a deep dedication to ethical practices, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. In various ways, we strive to create a sustainable future, contributing to the well-being of our communities and the planet, while ensuring the longevity and success of our business.

We are taking action

  1. By focusing on the UN’s sustainable development goals, in particular SDGs 1, 3, 8, and 13, aligning our business impact with tackling poverty, improving wellbeing, spreading the benefits of economic growth, and taking climate action. (We are UNSDG publisher compact
    signatories and active members of the STM and ALPSP special interest group on SDGs)
  2. By participating in UKHACC (UK Health Alliance on Climate Change), to campaign for wider change within our industry and beyond.
  3. By actively encouraging a diverse and inclusive workplace and championing social mobility through internal programmes and partnerships with organisations local to our offices.
  4. We are setting an ambitious Net Zero goal to achieve carbon neutrality throughout our operations by 2040, guiding our internal initiatives and extending this goal to all suppliers we partner with.
  5. By keeping healthcare professionals informed so they can play their part to tackle climate change, work sustainably, and make a difference in their practices.
  6. By evaluating our environmental footprint and improving the sustainability of what we do – taking action where necessary across all our operations, from paper sourcing and event planning to our digital footprint.

Our efforts are led by an employee based sustainability group, ensuring that the entire organisation is on board. Our products and services are created with people and planet in mind. We promote the exchange of medical research and use low-environmental impact tools and designs wherever possible.

Campaigning on the climate emergency

A collaboration between The BMJ and the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (UKHACC) had a tangible impact on global awareness and action. Their joint editorial, simultaneously published in over 200 journals, served as a powerful call to world leaders to address the climate emergency urgently. As a direct result, a recent study demonstrated a significant increase in the number of journals addressing climate change and health, with 34% of the sampled journals publishing at least one of the joint editorials. Remarkably, almost a third of these (29%) were publications newly engaging with the critical issue of climate change and health, highlighting the far-reaching influence of this collaborative effort in driving broader awareness and discourse. Additionally, of a broad set of 330 health journals (including all general medical journals and the top 50 clinical journals based on impact factor) The BMJ is the leading health journal publishing on the topic of climate change.

Teacher in classroom

Unveiling the multifaceted dimensions of sustainability

While protecting our environment remains crucial, we can’t overlook the intricate threads of social mobility woven into this narrative. Through a collaboration with Future Frontiers, twenty of our dedicated team members become mentors and welcome students who face disadvantages in to BMA House. We recently welcomed our first cohort of students to begin a series of coaching sessions that will help them learn more about themselves, their capabilities and identify a suitable career path. Our partnership with Future Frontiers equips eager young souls with the skills to chart a brighter future while enriching our own abilities as caring mentors and perceptive leaders.