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Empowering health professionals worldwide throughout all career stages with exam preparation, interactive learning modules, and recruitment advertising.

At BMJ Group, we are empowering health professionals worldwide throughout all career stages. From exam preparation to interactive learning modules and recruitment advertising, we provide comprehensive support to professionals across the healthcare spectrum.

BMJ OnExam: Time efficient, personalised exam revision

With BMJ OnExam, doctors can study for their exams anytime, anywhere, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Our cutting-edge technology allows candidates to engage in real-time interactions with simulated patients, providing a dynamic and immersive learning experience.

Developed in collaboration with industry-leading experts, BMJ OnExam is designed to support candidates across various specialties, setting a new standard in exam preparation.

Revolutionising doctor exam preparation with PACES

With cutting-edge AI technology at its core, BMJ OnExam is set to transform the way doctors prepare for their PACES exam.

In April 2024, we unveiled this groundbreaking tool, designed to empower candidates to study for their PACES exam anytime, anywhere, and at a fraction of the cost of alternative options. BMJ OnExam PACES represents a pioneering step in exam revision, offering candidates the unique opportunity to engage in real-time interactions with a range of simulated patients simply by speaking into their computers.

As the first AI-driven revision product tailored specifically for the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) element of a postgraduate medical qualification, BMJ OnExam PACES sets a new standard in exam preparation.

Developed in collaboration with SimConverse, this innovative tool combines BMJ Group’s unparalleled medical expertise with state-of-the-art AI technology to deliver a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience.

BMJ Learning: Impacting healthcare education

Evidence of effectiveness

BMJ Learning stands as a beacon in healthcare education, empowering doctors and healthcare professionals with cutting-edge knowledge and skills across various medical specialties. Through rigorous academic studies, its effectiveness is asserted by users and educators, and demonstrated by success statistics.

Evidence shows that general practitioners in Scotland preferentially and frequently use BMJ Learning for their Continuing Professional Development (CPD), focusing on patient information, clinical questions, and evidence-based, peer-reviewed materials.

Improving knowledge and skills

Academic publications attest to BMJ Learning’s ability to enhance the applied knowledge and problem-solving skills among doctors working in primary and secondary care settings. Studies on electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation in athletes and infectious disease management highlight significant improvements in test scores, showcasing the platform’s potential to uplift global healthcare standards. Study results reveal that BMJ Learning’s ECG interpretation modules led to an impressive overall improvement of 15.3% post-course.

Translating learning into practice

BMJ Learning doesn’t just stop at knowledge acquisition; it encourages doctors to put their learning into practice. Research reveals that healthcare professionals, after engaging with BMJ Learning, exhibit better adherence to guidelines and an increased implementation of best practices in patient care, thus bridging the gap between theory and practice. For example, a study found that 88.6% of participants reported better implementation of NICE guidelines in practice after completing BMJ Learning modules.

Cost-effective and time-efficient

BMJ Learning is also a cost-effective and time-efficient way of educating healthcare professionals about clinical guidelines. Studies demonstrate its value in knowledge acquisition, its convenience compared to traditional methods, and its role in reducing carbon footprints, highlighting its alignment with modern healthcare needs and environmental consciousness. For instance, high users of BMJ Learning can reduce their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) footprint by 18.5 kg, according to research.

Elevate your recruitment efforts with BMJ Careers

Delivering nearly 100,000 total medical job applications through the BMJ Careers job board (39% increase year on year)

At BMJ Careers, we understand the importance of finding the right talent to drive your organisation forward. That’s why we offer innovative recruitment solutions designed to connect you with the most competent healthcare professionals who are ready to make a difference. We also simplify every step of the hiring process, from posting job vacancies to screening candidates and scheduling interviews. 

Helping NHS Trusts to tackle the recruitment crisis

The NHS faces an unprecedented recruitment crisis, with mental health being one of the areas hardest hit by workforce challenges. The NHS staff vacancies figures published by NHS Digital in September 2021, revealed some sobering figures. Nearly 100,000 vacancies exist in the NHS across the country, and over one in 10 posts is unfilled in some regions. 

There are 39,813 nurse vacancies across the health service, with more than 11,000 of those in mental health. In addition, 5.82m people are waiting for elective care alongside a very high demand for mental health, emergency and primary care. 

We responded to the crisis by launching BMJ Health Careers, the UK’s first dedicated recruitment service for all clinical mental health roles in March 2022. It is an online job board, where mental health specialists can find the most comprehensive listing of advertised vacancies for their area of expertise. 

The website currently hosts nearly 5,000 live vacancies, with suitable roles for nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, and other practitioners involved in the care of mentally ill patients.