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Influencing health policy and practice, and connecting communities of academics, researchers, clinicians and funders through impactful research publications, data tools and event delivery.

Join us in advancing healthcare through trusted medical and scientific publications and events. Explore our journals today and see how BMJ Group is influencing health policy and practice worldwide.

Leading medical publisher

BMJ Group publishes some of the world’s most cited and widely read journals. Our flagship journal, The BMJ, is one of the world’s oldest general medical journals. First published in October 1840, today The BMJ has the 4th-highest Impact Factor of any general medical journal worldwide.

Retaining impressive rankings

BMJ Group publishes 65 journals, many of which are the most influential titles in their field

British Journal of Sports Medicine

Number 1 out of 87
in Sports Sciences

18.4 JIF | 25.1 CiteScore

Journal of Medical Ethics

Number 2 out of 16
in Medical Ethics

5.1 JIF | 6.2 CiteScore

Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery

Number 2 out of 17
in Neuroimaging

4.8 JIF | 10.7 CiteScore

Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry

Number 3 out of 212 in Surgery

11 JIF | 15.9 CiteScore


Number 4 out of 167 in Medicine, General & Internal1

105.7 JIF | 15.3 CiteScore

Tobacco Control

Number 4 out of 21 in Public, Environmental & Occupational Health

5.2 JIF | 10.6 CiteScore


Number 5 out of 93 in Gastroenterology & Hepatology

24.5 JIF | 47.4 CiteScore


Number 6 out of 65 in Respiratory System

10 JIF | 14.3 CiteScore

Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine

Number 8 out of 35 in Anesthesiology

5.1 JIF | 7.6 CiteScore

Partnering for success

By partnering with royal colleges and leading scholarly and professional medical organisations, we ensure the publication of the latest and most relevant research. This collaboration benefits health professionals everywhere by providing access to cutting-edge medical knowledge and evidence-based practices.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Medical Association (BMA), we understand the challenges faced by membership organisations.

Why choose BMJ Group?

Retaining impressive results

Our continuous innovation ensures that our journals and events remain relevant to rapidly changing global audiences and market conditions.

Driving global healthcare progress

At BMJ Group, we consistently work hard to help improve clinical practice, patient care, and health policy on a global scale. We do this by fostering strong connections and publishing the best available research and the latest medical evidence.

Meeting the changing and complex needs of patients

Collaborating for meaningful change

From conferences to masterclasses, webinars to roundtables, our events are high-profile networking opportunities where health professionals can convene to exchange insights, share best practices, unveil cutting-edge research, and collectively address patient safety threats.

A trusted partner

With a rich history of influential and independent research, cutting-edge data tools, and expertly organised events, BMJ Group is a trusted partner for institutions, funders, societies, and pharmaceutical companies. Our focus remains on advancing healthcare through innovation and collaboration, ensuring that our partners can rely on us to support their goals and initiatives.

Join us in shaping the future of healthcare. Partner with BMJ Group and be part of a community dedicated to making a difference.

Our mission and values

BMJ Group is a global healthcare knowledge provider with a vision of a healthier world

Our mission and values are what define our actions and behaviours. We publish, convene and collaborate in a way which is ethical, sustainable, efficient, and equitable. 

Advancing equity in open access publishing

Advancing equity in open access publishing

At BMJ Group, we support authors from low—and lower-middle-income countries (LMICs) in publishing their research open access in their journal of choice.

All our journals offer waivers for the full Article Processing Charge (APC) with a 100% discount for authors in LMICs. We will always consider discount requests from countries not currently covered by that policy on a case-by-case basis.

Delivering responsible metrics

Delivering responsible metrics

The impact of academic research cannot be defined by any single metric. As a DORA signatory, BMJ Group believes that the journal impact factor (JIF) is best shared alongside other metrics that can help an author decide where to publish.

These include Citescore, Total Altmetric mentions, and time to first decision, amongst others. They are made available on our journal sites and demonstrate how BMJ Group is meeting researchers’ needs for timely publication, reach and influence.


Time to first decision without review

Median number of days from first submission to first decision for manuscripts that are not peer-reviewed

Time to first decision with review

Median number of days from first submission to first decision for peer-reviewed manuscripts

Time from acceptance to publication:

Median number of days from acceptance to online publication


Impact Factor (JCR)

Calculated by Clarivate Analytics, the average number of citations in a single year of all articles published over the last two years.
IF = number of citations in the given year/citable articles published in the previous two years

SciMago Journal Rank (SJR)

Calculated from the Scopus database, the average number of weighted citations (dependent on the number of citations and the prestige of the journals where they came from) in a single year of all articles published in the previous three years 



Calculated from the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) database from Web of Science, the number of weighted citations (dependent on usage of the journal that they came from) in a single year of all articles published in the previous five years, discounting self-citations



Calculated from the Scopus database, the average number of citations in a single year and last three years of all items published during that same four-year period



Content accesses

The total number of times that all articles have been accessed in a full year, including downloads, as recorded by Google Analytics.

Total Altmetric mentions

The total number of mentions from online media outlets that our journal’s content (published in a single year) receives within that year, as recorded by Altmetric. Media outlets include: patents, policy documents, social media mentions, blogs, news, and peer review.

Anca Babor

Everything we do is evidence-based. We carefully create and curate the evidence we share to drive better patient care within the spirit of openness and transparency.

Anca Babor
Director Customers and Markets, Publishing & Events

Our values

Our values give us the focus and direction to bring about our vision for a healthier world by sharing knowledge and expertise to help health professionals improve healthcare outcomes.

Making patient and public partnerships an ethical imperative

The BMJ is the first ever medical journal to receive the ‘Patients Included’ award for its strategy to encourage doctors and patients to work together as partners to improve healthcare. This important initiative has rippled across the business, with 75% of BMJ Events advisory committees including at least one patient, and 90% of all BMJ Best Practice leaflets have been reviewed by a patient panel.

Holding politicians accountable

In 2022, The BMJ’s UK Covid Inquiry Series highlighted how the political response to the covid-19 pandemic often failed to properly consider science. The articles raised important questions about the transparency and accountability of political decision making during the pandemic. They question the government’s resistance to scrutiny, lack of transparency, and failure to correct mistakes as knowledge and experience accumulated.

Ensuring users can trust the integrity of all the content we publish

The content we publish is always of the highest standards, ensuring its reliability to influence care. Our dedicated Content Integrity team focuses on upholding the highest standards of research integrity and publishing ethics. Their role is pivotal in maintaining robust editorial practices. By preventing, detecting, investigating, and advising on integrity breaches, they always prioritise the safety of patients and the public. This relentless commitment to content integrity reassures authors, readers, funders, and institutions of the reliability of our publications.

Our Content Integrity team’s key responsibilities include:

We contribute regularly to guidelines and discussion documents created by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). As co-authors of official COPE guidance, we address issues such as manipulation of the publication process and recently collaborated on developing disclaimers and guidance for dealing with historically offensive content.

By continually advancing our practices and policies, we ensure that institutions can trust us to uphold the highest standards of integrity in research publications.

Safeguarding the integrity of science

Our collaboration with over 15 leading publishers as an official participating member of the STM Integrity Hub, a powerful platform being built to detect integrity issues in manuscripts submitted for publication to scholarly journals. Representatives from BMJ Group are part of the collaboration group looking at Image Manipulation Detection, and play a key role on the Governance board for the project. Through this hub, publishers can effectively and efficiently respond to the increasing and alarming volume of materials entering scholarly communications that violate accepted research integrity.

Strengthening ethics within the publishing community

BMJ Group’s content integrity team developed a visual summary illustrating the cycle of injustice. It complements the guide for editors, which gives practical strategies to advance equity, diversity and inclusion. It was recently adopted as a formal part of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Publications e-learning course curriculum and supplementary guide for ACS journal editors on practical strategies to advance equity, diversity and inclusion.

“I am reaching out because we have continuously come back to your page on ‘Five things you should do as a journal editor to support social justice’ – particularly the graphic on the cycle of injustice. This visual is quite impactful and will aid in our efforts for editors to understand how their journal strategies and decisions affect the broader research ecosystem.” 

Shaina Lange
Manager, Publishing Integrity Office Global Editorial Operations, Journals Publishing Group, American Chemical Society

Advancing scientific discovery through open access

We support the transition of publicly-funded research to open access and are increasing the reach and utility of what we publish, actively reshaping how medical research is conducted and disseminated.

The BMJ’s > has always been free to read, and in 2011 we launched our first and largest open access medical journal, BMJ Open.

Today, a third of our journals are fully open access, and we also make academic research freely accessible and discoverable with hybrid publication models. 

We offer different types of open access agreements to help your researchers publish their work in leading scientific journals at a reduced cost while complying with open access mandates.

For Rest of World: Simon Neilson, Open Access Sales Manager –
For North America: Michael Socha, Customer and Sales Support Representative –

Better evidence
Staying at the forefront of scientific advances

Improving the openness and accessibility of scientific findings

In 2019, BMJ Group co-launched medRxiv with Yale University and Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory. It is the first health sciences preprint server and it allows fast sharing of preliminary research findings to the widest possible audience. 

The medRxiv preprint server encourages our authors to post their research as preprints. We have also invested in integrating medRxiv with our journals platform to make the submission process easier for authors and to further speed up routes to the publication of peer-reviewed evidence.

Creating academic impact

In the 2021 Journal Citation Report, the Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery took first place in the Neuroimaging category, and three of our journals received their first impact factor, taking our Journal Impact Factor (JIF) indexed total to 41 journals.

Four of our titles received their first Citescore, taking our total to 63:

And, 32 of our indexed journals (84%) observed an increase in JIF, with Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases (27.973) and Gut (31.793) seeing increases above 8 points.

Finally, our flagship journal The BMJ’s > JIF increased from 39.890 in 2020 to 93.333, moving it into fourth place in the Medicine, General and Internal ranks.

Sudden surge in journal impact factors: an explanation

The combined effects of the covid pandemic together with a small change in the calculation method have led to the soaring impact factors announced for many journals in June 2022. The BMJ, for instance, surged from 39.890 in 2020 to 93.333 in 2021. Here’s why:

  • The JIF calculation now includes all the citations from so-called early-access content, (increasing the numerator without adding to the denominator of the IF calculation) 

The sudden appearance of covid-19 created an entirely new, extremely urgent field of study which led to more articles being published overall, and more of those articles being highly cited. Journals in relevant fields like general medicine, public health, and infectious diseases, therefore, saw significant growth in their denominator, but an even greater growth in their numerator  (Overall, this year’s JIF calculations contained over 25% more articles and citations than the prior year). Clarivate explains the effect that Impact Factors have seen this year in more detail here.

Enabling faster access to evidence with

  • Over 21 519K open access articles published 
  • 5.8million Altmetric mentions 
  • 4.6 million mentions of open access articles 
  • Content published open access in our journals receiving 2 616M article views by over 173M users in more than 150 countries

Delivering faster access to research results through preprints

We know that early access to research results accelerates the pace of medical discovery. That’s why we want to reshape the way medical research is conducted and disseminated; by making preprints mainstream. BMJ Group is part of the Initiative for Open Citations (I4OC) and Initiative for Open Abstracts (I4OA), making it easier for articles to be found, read and cited.

Latest Group news

“Science is accelerating patient care and it is essential to share the outcome of research worldwide. Our multi-year agreement for open access publishing in BMJ Group’s hybrid and Gold OA journals is one of the keystones in the Amsterdam UMC Open Science policy.”

Lieuwe Kool
Director of the Medical Library, Amsterdam University Medical Centre

Advancing real-world impact assessment

Research that improves patients’ lives matters deeply to the funders, institutions and researchers who dedicate their resources to medical and health research. But evaluating the impact of this research on policy and guidelines is traditionally measured by standard scholarly metrics in the absence of more targeted analysis that relates explicitly to health improvement.

BMJ Group and the pioneering technology start-up, Overton, set out to address this challenge by collaborating to develop BMJ Impact Analytics, the first research impact tool focused on health and social care. It was launched in January 2023, and, by that following June, won the prestigious Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) Award for Innovation in Publishing 2023.

“We chose to partner with BMJ Group because of their expertise and reach in the medical research community. Their existing relationships and global presence made the organisation a valuable partner. Additionally, BMJ Group ’s mission-driven approach aligned with our values at Overton.”

Euan Adie
Founder and Director Overton

Connecting experts to share and compare knowledge

At BMJ Group, we bring people together for discussion, debate, and learning through our series of events — some in person and, increasingly, some delivered virtually.

Ian Leistikow

“The opportunities that BMJ Group presents through the events they lead are far reaching. They have the potential to change perceptions and mindsets of both healthcare professionals and the regulators of the healthcare systems within which they operate.”

Ian Leistikow
Inspector at Dutch Health and Youth Care Inspectorate and Professor at Erasmus University

Bringing together experts in diverse fields

Our privileged networks include close relationships with corporations, foundations, multilateral organisations, non-governmental organisations, and governments.

Our collaboration with these industry experts help us to look beyond healthcare to address issues such as sustainability, poverty reduction, gender and health inequalities, and the changing shape of academic research.

We can then share and compare knowledge through large and small-scale events, webinars and roundtables, while also contributing to the editorial BMJ Collection series.

“We believe that the International Forum is the premier conference around patient safety and quality.”

Aloha McBride
Federal Health Sector Leader, Ernst & Young

Connecting communities


From conferences to masterclasses, webinars to roundtables, our events are high-profile networking opportunities where health professionals can convene to exchange insights, share best practices, unveil cutting-edge research, and collectively address patient safety threats.

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