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Product description Our BMJ Journal portfolio of medical and allied science titles includes some of the most influential journals in their field, publishing ...

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BMJ Impact Analytics

Admin support End-user support Additional information For administrators only. Activate and manage product subscriptions, access, and features. If you do ...

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BMJ Impact Analytics

Product Description Award-winning BMJ Impact Analytics* is the most up-to-date and comprehensive tool to track and share the real-world impact of medical and ...

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Product description The BMJ is a world-leading general medicine journal. Breakthrough original research and investigations, expert clinical reviews, and rapid recommendations lead to ...

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Research to Publication

Product description Research to Publication is a research methodology and publishing program specifically designed for healthcare professionals. 8 multimedia courses will help ...

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BMJ Premier Collection

Product description BMJ's Premier Collection enhances our health science content with additional access to BMJ Group's specialty and high-impact journals. Leading titles range ...

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BMJ Case Reports

Product description BMJ Case Reports is the largest online collection of clinical case reports available. This peer-reviewed journal provides 26k+ cases from ...

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BMJ Best Practice – Academic

Product description BMJ Best Practice is a single source of evidence-based answers to critical, real-world clinical questions. The content is uniquely structured ...

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BMJ Best Practice – Hospital

Product description BMJ Best Practice is a tool that supports decision-making at the point of care. Uniquely designed to help healthcare professionals ...

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