Chris Jones

Unveiling the multifaceted dimensions of sustainability

A final word from BMJ Group CEO Chris Jones, on the importance of social mobility

Exploring the intricate tapestry of sustainability reveals a truth that goes beyond the confines of climate concerns. While protecting our environment remains crucial, we can’t overlook the intricate threads of social mobility woven into this narrative.

It’s disheartening to see that even today in the UK, the circumstances of your birth can cast a long shadow on where you’re headed in life. The struggles faced by young people from less privileged backgrounds run deep—limited educational opportunities, barriers to higher learning, and dreams of fulfilling careers hindered.

As a CEO, I passionately believe that businesses like ours should play an active part in empowering these young hearts to shape their own destinies. That’s why I’m immensely proud of our partnership with

Future Frontiers, a remarkable education charity. Through this collaboration, twenty of our dedicated team members become mentors of students who face disadvantages, right at BMA House. In June 2023, we welcomed our first cohort of students to begin a series of coaching sessions that will help them learn more about themselves, their capabilities and identify a suitable career path.

This endeavour is a victory for all involved: equipping these bright young souls with the skills to chart a brighter future while enriching our own abilities as caring mentors and perceptive leaders. With the wheels of planning already turning, I’m eagerly looking forward to witnessing the growth of this initiative. It’s destined to become a cornerstone of our commitment to making a positive impact and embracing our social responsibility.


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