London, UK – 19 January 2023 – BMJ Impact Analytics has scooped this year’s Innovation Award at the prestigious Association Of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) Annual Awards. This award recognises a product, service, technology, business model or project which is both innovative and of significant value to scholarly communication.

BMJ Impact Analytics, launched in January 2023, represents a significant advancement in healthcare research impact assessment. Developed in collaboration with pioneering technology startup, Overton, this tool is the first of its kind, focusing exclusively on health and social care research impact.

This groundbreaking tool empowers funders, academic institutions, and corporate organisations to gain invaluable insights into the influence of their research on clinical guidance and global health policies. Unlike existing solutions, BMJ Impact Analytics not only tracks citations but also establishes direct links to patient outcomes through decision support tools and provides citations in context.

Combining Overton’s data expertise with BMJ’s healthcare knowledge, BMJ Impact Analytics offers up to 50% more data on health-related outputs compared to similar products. Funders, institutions and researchers can now:

  • Identify the real-world impact of their medical research.
  • Make informed funding decisions confidently.
  • Gain insights into how their research has shaped medical practice.
  • Target research funding effectively to influence health outcomes.

Dr. Allison Lang, Publishing Director at BMJ, expressed the significance of this achievement, stating, “This achievement is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. We’re excited to continue driving positive change in the scholarly communication sphere, and this award only fuels our determination to do so.”

Funders, institutions, and organisations interested in learning more about BMJ Impact Analytics can contact Michelle Phillips, Open Research Product Manager, at or

About BMJ:

BMJ is a global healthcare knowledge provider known for publishing one of the world’s top four most cited general medical journals, The BMJ, and over 65 specialty journals. The organisation also offers digital professional development courses and clinical decision support tools to help health professionals improve the quality of healthcare delivery. For more information about BMJ, visit

About Overton:

Founded in 2019, Overton is a technology start-up with a mission to support evidence-based decision-making worldwide. The company’s pioneering platform allows users to discover more than nine million policy documents and their links to each other, academic papers and researchers. Overton collaborates with leading universities, IGOs, NGOs, funders, publishers, and think tanks, to provide insights into the policymaking landscape. 

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