Corporate announcement – 16 April 2024 BMJ, a global healthcare knowledge provider, is pleased to announce that award-winning* BMJ Impact Analytics is available to all institutions within Italy’s national healthcare and research consortium, Bibliosan.

Under this new agreement, Bibliosan will have access to BMJ Impact Analytics, the first research impact tool focused on health and social care, reinforcing its commitment to supporting a healthy, responsible impact culture in research.

Developed in collaboration with pioneering start-up Overton, BMJ Impact Analytics is the most comprehensive tool to track and share the real-world impact of medical and health research. It helps academic institutions and funders discover where research has been cited in clinical guidance and health policies worldwide. It uniquely shows direct links to patient outcomes (citing BMJ’s leading decision support tool, BMJ Best Practice) and provides citations in context.

Dr. Moreno Curti, Lead Coordinator for BIBLIOSAN headquartered at IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo in Pavia said, “Bibliosan’s Impact Analytics agreement with BMJ is a major step towards enabling members to distinguish the consequences of their research.”

Anca Babor, Director of Customers and Markets, Publishing & Events at BMJ, said, “I am thrilled that Bibliosan has chosen to expand our partnership to include access to BMJ Impact Analytics for its members in Italy. This tool will help researchers to easily discover, monitor, and share the real-world impact of their work in health and social care. Together, we aim to foster innovation, enhance patient outcomes, and contribute to the global progress of healthcare knowledge.”

This new agreement further enhances the provision of BMJ resources for all Bibliosan members. Existing resources include BMJ Best Practice and high-impact journals including The BMJ, Gut, Heart, BMJ Case Reports, and many more. Further information for Bibliosan members can be found here:

*BMJ Impact Analytics received the ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing 2023

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About BMJ Impact Analytics

BMJ Impact Analytics is the most up-to-date and comprehensive tool to track and share the real-world impact of your medical and health research. If you fund, publish, or produce research or policy, BMJ Impact Analytics tracks where it’s cited in Clinical Guidance and Health Policy worldwide.

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About Bibliosan

Bibliosan was founded in 2003. Funded by the Italian Ministry of Health, Bibliosan includes all the central libraries of all Italian Biomedical Research Institutions supervised by the Italian Ministry of Health. The ultimate goal of Bibliosan is to promote a collaborative network between healthcare libraries and scientific documentation services of the participating organisations within the National Healthcare System to support innovative research and keep in-step with the latest scientific knowledge, integrate and rationalise all available information settled, immediately ready for welfare workers’ activities implementing their research at the fullest.

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