BMJ announces Medtronic as a headline sponsor of the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Copenhagen 2023

BMJ and Medtronic partnership will advance healthcare by connecting decision makers and industry leaders to share expertise, best practices, and innovation.

16 March 2023—BMJ has named Medtronic and its solutions arm Integrated Health Solutions (IHS) as a head sponsor of the International Forum on Quality and Safety – Copenhagen 2023 (15-17 May).

The International Forum on Quality and Safety 2023 returns to Copenhagen as an international face-to-face or in-person platform for discussing and debating the future of healthcare and medical technology. The International Forum will bring together leading experts from across the healthcare industry to share their insights and discuss the latest developments in medical technology.

The biggest conference of its kind and a key event for healthcare policy and decision-makers, and healthcare leaders, the International Forum provides a platform for dialogue, reflection, and opportunities to build a deep understanding of quality improvement and safety.

It provides an ideal platform to host a CEO roundtable, onsite visits, and plenary discussions between peers and experts. All these essential interactions, insights and discussions are captured by BMJ white papers and disseminated across BMJ’s vast geographical network.

As a head sponsor, Medtronic will be instrumental in working with BMJ to offer a platform, coordinate, and moderate meaningful interactions between healthcare decision-makers and experts in a collaborative approach to discussions, insights and best-practice sharing. Medtronic will draw on its healthcare transformation expertise to drive conversations around accelerating the pace of change and deploying proven solutions to help providers increase efficiency, enhance the patient experience, and improve outcomes.

Dr Ashley McKimm, Director of Partnerships, said: “At BMJ, we have over 30 years of experience in convening and facilitating discussions, and disseminating knowledge and awareness on overcoming the biggest challenges clinicians face daily. This partnership with Medtronic allows us to combine those capabilities with Medtronic IHS’ expertise in developing innovative solutions to help improve efficiency, reduce costs, facilitate patients’ access to different treatment types, and improve outcomes.”

“At Medtronic, we use our extensive expertise to improve the lives of patients, physicians, and caregivers worldwide,” adds Frédéric Noël, Vice President of Medtronic IHS. “We believe successful healthcare systems are built through effective dialogue, knowledge sharing and collaboration across the industry, which is why we are thrilled to partner with BMJ during the International Forum 2023. This is a unique opportunity to provide multiple platforms for interaction and exchange through an engaging approach to help advance and better shape the future of healthcare.”

Immediate release on 17 March 2023 


About The International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare

The International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare is a series of international conferences for quality improvement and patient safety. With over 25 years of history, the International Forum supports and energises the movement for patient safety and healthcare improvement by bringing in knowledge, ideas, and expertise that inform quality projects and practice transformation worldwide.

Over 4,700 participants from 80+ countries attend our International Forums each year and tackle today’s and tomorrow’s critical health and healthcare challenges. They connect to form long-term partnerships and consider new ways of thinking about healthcare.

The programme for each International Forum is developed in close partnership with regional strategic partners. Each conference showcases strategies from local experts and the international community, addressing regional needs and bringing the best of global learning to the region.


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