Equity and diversity

BMJ Group is committed to equity and diversity, actively seeking candidates from diverse backgrounds to foster a sense of belonging among all employees.

Socio-economic mobility

Too often, our starting point in life predicts the opportunities we will get. At BMJ Group, we are committed to changing this. We run initiatives such as our Coaching Project, coaching year ten students from disadvantaged backgrounds. We also partner with local schools to prioritise students on free school meals for our work experience programme.

Reducing the gender pay gap

We are proud that our gender pay gap (7.2% in 2023) is a fraction of the national and industry average. To reduce it further, we ban all-male panels at our events and job interviews and ensure women are shortlisted for senior roles. We also analyse our gender, race and socio-economic pay gaps.

Employee networks

Our thriving employee-led networks focused on gender, LGBT+, parents and guardians, mental health and disabilities, race and ethnicity, and carers promote equity and inclusion and offer peer support and safe spaces to share experiences. We host events on various topics, including Black History walks, LGBT+ positive parenting, neurodiversity awareness and more.