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BMJ Best Practice is a clinical decision support tool that helps healthcare professionals teach, learn and practice evidence-based medicine. The tool also includes a unique Comorbidities Manager that delivers a tailored treatment plan to manage patients that present with multimorbidities–over 40% in Canada. The Comorbidities Manager will help you prepare to go beyond guidelines that tend to focus on managing a single disease.  Prepare for future practice and ensure you’re ready to treat the whole patient.

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  • Check out this video and see how you can use BMJ Best Practice with a Comorbidities Manager. You have access.  
  • We’ve added BMJ Best Practice with a Comorbidities Manager; see a use-case example.
  • 1 in 3 Canadian adults suffers from multimorbidities. Learn to treat the whole patient. You have access. #EBMtool #BMJBestPractice #Comorbidities
  • When comorbidities are considered in the acute care setting, you can more effectively manage your patients. We’ve added @bmjbestpractice with Comorbidities Manager.
  • Better clinical outcomes, shorter hospital stays, and fewer readmissions #EBMtool #BMJBestPractice #Comorbidities
  • We’ve added @bmjbestpractice with Comorbidities Manager to our collection of databases. It is an easy-to-use clinical decision support tool that includes a highly-rated app. Download today.
  • Download the BMJ Best Practice with Comorbidities Manager app for easy access to a second opinion anytime, anywhere.
  • Trusted evidence, medical calculators, a built-in comorbidities manager, and brief procedural videos are available; access today!  #BMJBestPractice 
  • Prepare for future practice and ensure you’re ready to treat the whole patient #BMJBestPractice #Comorbidities 

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