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BMJ Leader Live

We will address big-picture topics like understanding leadership impact, sustainability, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB), setting the stage for comprehensive exploration and learning.

Deep dive discussions will tackle real problems faced in leadership and steer conversations toward actionable solutions. They offer a space for you to exchange perspectives and collectively brainstorm strategies that can be applied in practical contexts in your workplace. Having this combination of macro-level insights from keynotes and micro-level problem-solving in breakout discussions will enable you to explore broader concepts while also engaging directly with the challenges and opportunities you’re facing

You will gain knowledge, share experiences, and develop actionable strategies. This approach promises to leave you not just inspired but also equipped with practical tools to enhance your leadership impact.

London tickets are on sale now. Be the first to hear when the Birmingham programme and ticket sales go live, by completing the below form.

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