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Government’s failure to fortify all flour and rice with sufficient folic acid will lead to avoidable birth defects, warns expert

Current plan will prevent only about 20% of neural tube defects but full fortification could prevent about 80% The UK government’s failure to fortify all ...

2024-06-20T16:05:41+00:0020 June 2024|Press release, The BMJ|

Private school and/or ‘higher status’ university education linked to better mid-life health

Alongside level of education reached, institution type may also be influential say researchers  A private (fee-paying) school and/or a ‘higher status’ (Russell Group*) university education ...

Few UK people likely to be suitable for new Alzheimer’s drugs when they come on stream

But many people with memory loss nevertheless likely to be referred for these treatments Few people in the UK with early stage Alzheimer’s disease are ...

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