9th Latin American Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare: Technology for Equity

BMJ Group is pleased to announce our participation in the 9th Latin American Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, hosted by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein. This event is taking place in São Paulo, Brazil, from 9-11 July, 2024.

The Latin American Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare was first held in 2015 as a joint effort between Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Since then, the event has evolved into a leading platform for discussing key issues in quality and safety, becoming the largest event of its kind in Latin America.

The mission of the event is to explore global transformations and innovations and their applications in the healthcare system. This year, the theme is “Technology for Equity.” The event will bring together professionals, experts, and enthusiasts in technology, healthcare, and innovation to discuss topics such as Innovation, Health Promotion and Education, Equity, Environment, Patient Safety, Digital Data Platforms, and Artificial Intelligence.

BMJ Group has published a supplement of conference abstracts. These abstracts will also be published in the journal BMJ Open Quality.

Highlights from the supplement include:

Adherence to the Implementation of Safe Healthcare Practices in Public Hospitals in Brazil

  • Authors: Daniela Cristina dos Santos, Vanessa Mantovani, Daniela de Souza Bernardes, Marina Gassen, Veronica Alacarini Farina, Daiane Maria Fonseca de Lima, Fernanda Lima Jacques, Lorayne Andrade Batista
  • Summary: The Safe Patient project, a partnership between Moinhos de Vento Hospital and the Ministry of Health, aimed at implementing Basic Protocols of the National Patient Safety Programme in Brazilian hospitals. Results showed significant improvements in healthcare practices, including reductions in falls and pressure ulcers, and increased adherence to hand hygiene and safe surgery checklists.

Mental Health Survey and Risk of Burnout Syndrome in Pediatricians

  • Author: Pedro Alexander Barrera López
  • Summary: This study characterised the risk of mental illness and burnout syndrome in pediatricians in Bogotá, Colombia. Findings indicated high levels of depersonalization and emotional exhaustion among pediatricians, with intense workloads linked to greater risks of burnout and depression.

Promoting Continuous Improvement in the Prevention of Biological Incidents

  • Authors: Gedeon da Silva Farias, Waléria de Sá Bezerra, Tatiana Taumaturgo Macedo, Lucas Loila Gomes
  • Summary: Implementing Lean Six Sigma methodology reduced the frequency of biological incidents in a hospital by 75%. Safety measures included improved use of personal protective equipment and enhanced safety protocols for handling sharps.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Search for Pressure Ulcers: A Quality Overview

  • Authors: Luísa Pimentel Silva, Emille Hemam Fogliato, Natasha Coralles Laps, Katia Grigolo Costa, Dionisia Oliveira de Oliveira, Isabelli de Fraga Roxo, Milena Mossmann, Francyne Lopes Martins
  • Summary: AI was used to improve the identification and reporting of pressure ulcers, resulting in better data accuracy and enhanced preventive measures.

Kamishibai Cards: Strategy for Improving ABCDEF Bundle Processes in the ICU

  • Authors: José Mário Meira Teles, Jener Guerra de Macedo, Lívia Leal Ferreira Monteiro, Ramon Bispo de Jesus, Amália Maria Duarte Guimarães Ramos de Queiroz, Clara Rodrigues Vaz, Neuma Almeida Bastos, Ludimilla Souza da Conceição, Mariana Araújo Pimentel, Rodrigo de Sá Figueiredo Meira Teles
  • Summary: The use of Kamishibai cards significantly increased adherence to the ABCDEF bundle in an ICU, improving overall patient care quality.

Quality Improvement Initiative Implementing a Safety Dehospitalization in Patients Using Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy

  • Authors: Priscila Garzella, Thais Galoppini Felix Borro, Nancy Oliveira dos Santos, Lital Bass, Leonardo Henrique Fiuza de Meireles, Caroline Pimenta Nunes, Carlos Eduardo Santa Cruz Vieira, Daniela Nobrega Pavão, Suellen Moniz da Silva, Maria Aparecida Machado, Fabiano Isidio de Lima, Maria Fernanda Trindade, Beatrice Barros, Ana Claudia Mallet de Souza, Priscilla Santini Ramalho, Renata Maria Cabral, Maria de Fatima Ferreira Cota, Karina Suzane Pereira Schapowal, Fabiana Rolla, Claudia Garcia de Barros
  • Summary: This project successfully implemented outpatient antimicrobial management in a public hospital, reducing hospital stays and increasing the dehospitalization rate of patients.